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Reload Thread: my subs cut out when i play them to loud..... do i need to cap my amp?

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    my subs cut out when i play them to loud..... do i need to cap my amp?

    i have 2 mtx 12's 6000 series pushed by a jbl 300.1 amp and my deck goes up to a volume level of 33 once i get to 29 or 30 my subs/the bass cuts out every few seconds. do i need a better amp or a capacitor<br />Please Help?<br />Thanks.

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    It sounds like a voltage problem, I would definitly consider beefing up my electrical equipment if i was you, here are my minimum recomendations for electrical equipment.<br />Altinator-should be 100 amps minimum<br />Battery-a 1000 to 800 cca battery is preferrd because of its large reserve capacity.<br />Capacitator-1 farad for every 1000watts rms is a general rule of thumb, having extra doesn't hurt though<br />Power cable-an absolute minimum of 4 gauge wire is best for you main power and ground connections.<br />Now a 300 watt amp shouldn't really tax your charging system that hard, so be sure to check that the battery and altinator are in good shape, and also make sure the charge cable coming off your altinator is the same thickness as your main power as well as the battery's ground cable(most auto manufacturers use 10 gauge which ***** ***)

    Making these upgrades will allow for future expantion of your system, I.E.if you want to put in a bigger amp or amps and ensure that your existing system is getting every drop of power it needs.

    What kind of car are using and how thick is your power wire?

    Also- an amp will do funny things if you have the input sensitivity(gain) set too high, make sure that you don't have the gain cranked way too high.

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