sorry if i got a little *****y at some people tryin to help me last week, law school makes a ***** out of me sometimes.

got 2 sets of pioneer TS-C160R components pushed by a Kicker KX650.4 (120W @ 4 ohms x 4 channels) and an Alpine Type R running at 2 ohms from a Kicker KX400.1 mono. Also, Alpine 9856 receiver

first off, the sound of my engine has totally changed. it is very electric sounding and has an electric whir (which it did before, but now its in need of an exhaust or intake system to make the engine sound half manly, audi a4 1.8liter inline four turbo, chipped out).

second, the alpine receiver doesnt have an equilizer that has a setting for mid levels. a lot of times, the vocals get overpowered.

third, the tweeter and woofer installed on the right front "never worked" according to the guy who tuned my system.

the only interior rattling i get is in the exact spot. i have had speakers that rattled in the past (stock speakers).

could the rattling be the nonfunctional woofer? if its not, how do u dynamat a door?

thanks guys, its pretty ill hearing a song for the 10 thousandth time and having it sound new.