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Reload Thread: Brahma 15, blazer, spectrum or edead v3?

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    Brahma 15, blazer, spectrum or edead v3?

    ok, as some of you may know, i have a 1995 s10 blazer. ive constantly changed systems, and it never seems to stay the same. the one thing about it is... the **** rattles, i hate them. and i need to get rid of them. im currently swapping out my 3 ascendant assasin 10's for my old brahma 15(getting it reconed later this week) i like the tens, but id rather have the lows of the brahma .

    anyways, i want to deaden the vehicle, id like to stick with liquid deadening, v3/spectrum sludge or spray. problem is, i dont know which to use. ive read tons of review's about how great it is, then ive read the ones that say it hastn done much... im not sure if this is because of how they installed it or what. im planning on taking the majority of my enterior out, and putting 2-3 layers in most spots(especially the back) and doing a nice clean job at that. id like to use liquid because of the price/performance, and id rather not hastle with expensive solid solutions.

    whats your take on liquid deadeners? has anyone used them?

    thanks for your help,


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    Re: Brahma 15, blazer, spectrum or edead v3?

    In my experience sludge hasn't really helped any of my rattles. It's helped by doors from vibrating, but the trunk still rattles like a gas powered vibrating *****, dispite a quarter gallon sludge.

    My advice, Rattle Pad.

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