not even the crutchfield advisors had any idea but im sure one of u guys will. what size are the speakers that are behind the backseat headrests (which point directly up and at the rear windshield) in an audi a4 b6 (2002-04). in case it matters, i am referring to a model without the bose upgrade.

on a side (but important note), at the moment, my only plans in terms of internal speakers are to get a 2 channel amp and use it to power the two speakers on the front driver and passenger side doors. i am not going to use a component speaker because it will very likely require some cutting to install the tweater portion of the system, and my car is leased. here are some questions i have:

1. since the speaker i am installing on the front doors will have a tweeter, what do i do with the factory tweeter that is right by the door knob? will it get distorted at high volumes while the aftermarket speakers (probably polk momo 650s) still sound great? does that mean i should "cut them out" altogether?

2. i know what the diff. in cost will be if i was to replace 4 speakers instead of 2, but to what extent would it make a much bigger diff if I was to replace either the front door speakers and the back door speakers or the front door speakers and the speakers behind the headrests (essentially, which would be preferable, assuming i cant change all of em).