Question for all you installers out there?????

If I am running two optima yellow top batteries with a solenoid management system, would I be better off powering the stereo AMPS off the secondary battery only or powering them from both batteries? (AMPS are JL Audio 500.1 and 2 ea. 300.2)

I do not want to be stranded because I listened to the stereo for 10 minutes without the car running.

One more question, I am running a 100 amp Altenator and the solenoid is also rated at 100 amps, should I get a 100 amp circuit breaker to protect my electrical system from damage and if so should it be wired into the system between the batteries and the solenoid or the solenoid and the altenator?

My plans for installation were to run the stereo amplifiers directly off the side posts of the battery using 0 gauge wire to a distribution block 1ea 0 gauge (IN) to 3ea 4 gauge (OUT), 3 ANL fuses, 1 to each amp (3 total) with 1 Farad cap on each amp. Should I also use a circuit breaker between the CAPS/AMPS and the Battery?

The car's main electrical system will be run off the top posts through the solenoid for charging and other electrical connections within the car i.e. power windows, locks, alarm, head unit, digital gauges, fuel pump, etc.

Please help me out, I am right in the middle of wiring the entire car and it will be easy at this point in the game to integrate these items.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.