Well I have the 791 viper, and I had a pretty bad shop do the install because they were a hell of a lot cheaper, and basically I can't figure out why the alarm won't get any more sensitive. I have the shock sensor all the way up, turned it clockwise as far as it goes. I even took the modual out of where it was mounted and had the shock sensor laying in my lap, I armed the car, started shaking the sensor and it wouldn't set the alarm off. Though, when I get under the dash where the other wires are at and start playing around, I can set the alarm off easier by wiggling wires around, and this was ever when the shock sensor was unplugged?

I unplugged it and plugged the sensor back in after that, and it looked like it was working. I then sat in the car, and armed it. If i stepped on the ground a little the light on the sensor would blink and id get a warn, but i couldnt set it off, even stomping / shaking the sensor. Also, after the light blinked from the initial stomp I couldnt get it to blink anymore. On the harness to the sensor theres two green wires that are looped, should those be connected or cut? The alarm was on, when i opened the door to get out the alarm went off.

Did I get a bad shock sensor that they installed? Also, could when I unhooked the battery caused the program to lose its tune so now I can't even set it off? Thanks!