4 years ago I knew nothing about car audio but I bought a Plastic thunderform enclosure with 2 MTX 10" subwoffers in it under my back seat. Went to the flea market and paid $135.00 for a formula Mach-6000 amp 4X250 at 2 ohms. I tied the two front and back stock (Not infinity) speakers and hooked them to channel 1 and did the same thing to the other side for channel two. I hooked the 2 Tens to the channels 3 and 4 bridged mono. Tweaked the pots for gain and crossovers till they sounded pretty good and i was done. I figure now the two 8ohm tens together are 4 ohms so thats about 400 watts to the subs. If the stock speakers are 8 ohms, not really sure , wired together thats 4 ohms right and 4 ohms left drawing about 125W. Everyone was amazed at how loud and great this sounded for less that $500.00.

Now four years later I decide to blast so I spend $1200+ dollars on all new equipment. (See my signature) and while the sound is somewhat more clear I dont think it is even as loud as before. The tweeters in the front are so hot I need to turn down something and lose even more sound.

Am I discourged, If I wasnt so lazy I would rip everything out and sell it on E-Bay, put my old stuff back in and buy an Ipod or something .....

Any comments?

Thanks Biker