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    Sound deadening

    hi, i am repairing a 98 grand cherokee i just got and am goin to put my system into it. So my question is what are some other things i could use for sound deadening. I have the whole inside ripped out so i thought this would be the time to do it but i dont have enough money to buy dymamat for the whole truck. I want to do the whole thing so it is over all quiter than before and also to make the music sound better thanks.

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    well what i found to be the best value was raammat. you can find this stuff on ebay for about $65 for a 50 sq ft roll (sure beats the heck out of Dynamat's prices) but it has to be ordered and generally takes about 5 weekdays to arrive. if you can wait that long, go for that just search ebay by seller "raam". If you cant wait, go to home depot and pick up some peel'n'seal. Bargain asphalt deadener with an adhesive backing. Otherwise, look for aluminum tape (good to seal doors), rubber undercoating from an auto part store, minimal expanding foam(i dont reccomend, personally... sticky and messy) There are a million and one substitutes for Dynamat, the most effecient being creativity. ;-)


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