Ok well heres the deal. I had 2 rockford T1's Dual 4 ohm speakers 12" with a Hifonics XX Colossus Amp. They got stolen last year in July. About a year later i have money and realize i dont wanna do without them this summer. So I liked Hifonics. I ordered 2 Speakers from them they are called Brutus BX12D4.

Sensitivity is 93.39 dB
RMS 600w/ 1200w Max

Dual 4 Ohm

2 dual four ohm speakers mean i can run at 1 ohm if i am correct, right? Anyone hear anything good about these speakers? You know if they will compare to the rockford T1's? They dB of the Rockford T1's is 85.7 dB does that mean anything compared to 93.39? Does that mean the other ones are louder?

Ok the amp im planning on getting is a Hifonics Brutus Bxi1606d which is a Super D-Class Amp that runs 1600 watts at 1 ohm. All i would really need is the 1200w amp right? I think i might just get the bigger one incase i decided to add or change anything in the future. What do you guys suggest?

Now with the box. It says you can run vented or closed. I think vented would be better? what about you guys?

heres the specs


1 Cubic Ft. Per Speaker

then it says Fc (Hz): 51.7 whats that mean? do you have to change something since its for 2 speakers?


1 Cubic Ft. Per Speaker

Port Size 3"x10" would you need to double it for 2 speakers?

Fb (Hz): 36.74

Fp (Hz): 39.81

What exactly do those last things mean? Also can someone build me this box good quality for a descent price let me know? PM me Would this mean i need about 1.25 cubic feet including the speaker or what?

If i have 4 Gauge Wire to the battery and RF Riot Wire for the speaker wire should i get 10 or 8 gauge wire to connect the speakers in the box? or use the 13 AWG riot wire also?