Okay, I just went to Al & Ed's autosound and bought these stuff:

(2) PPI PC128 C1 12" 300 watts 8 ohm subwoofer $120
(this subwoofer was buy 1, get one free, promotion)

(1) Kicker IX-405D multi-channel amplifier $400

So my total was $562.90 with tax. Two subs and the amp. Was this a good deal? I put a down payment of $50 and am going back tomorrow to buy it all. I was about to get Kicker Comp VR 12" for $179.99 each but the guy said, these two PPI subs will do just as good amount of pounding than the two kicker comp vr. and he told me that I won't hear much of a difference.

Let me know thanks. Yes it's true, I am kinda on a budget (about a thousand bux) and if spending 200 bux more just to get a 5-10 db increase in my bass, it's not worth it. But I just want it to be loud. Will these two PPI subs pound the crap out of my camry?

The guy also recommended me the kicker amp because he said you should get it becuz ur subs will be too loud and you should even out the mid range with your low range.

thanks guys!