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Reload Thread: Help! new AUdio Setup

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    Help! new AUdio Setup

    I have a Toyota 4Runner, just went to a car audio shop, where they sold me an Alpine 7874 head, JL Audio XR653Cs speakers. They replaced the factory speakers with the JL's (6.5s in front door, tweeters front door, and the 4" in the rear door.

    Problem is I am playing music with the volume almost maxed out (level 30 of 35). and during louder passages, I'm hearing distortion. (also with some acoustic wind instruments at lower levels)

    I'm wondering if maybe the head is underpowered for the listening levels I prefer 20w per channel.

    I also thought it was strnage that they put a 3way component system in, with the mid bass and tweeter up front, and the midrange in the back (but I'm not versed in car audio).

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to solve the distortion problems, and what configuration would work best for me.

    If I put in an amp(s?) what should I look for, and adding a subwoofer and/or somekind of lo/high band pass filtering/crossovers etc...

    I'm looking for a realistic high quailty sound, and playing Classical (wide dynamic range) and acoustic jazz instruments seem to tax the existing setup. I'm not sure if the guys that put this system in really know their stuff or not.

    Any suggestions would be welcome!

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    sometimes the distortion is caused my there being no crossover for you speakers...if there is too much bass running to ur 4's and your 6.5's it will distort...also, when most head units are turned up that loud, the speakers will distort, which is why and amp might be needed for ur would help the speakers get louder w/out distorting..hope this helps


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    the alpine hu puts out 21 watts rms and i think the speakers can take 90 rms so they are prob under powered for what your lookin for , look at the specs on your papers to find out for sure or go too
    id say go with an amp from 50 to 90 wattts rms but check to make sure first
    they prob put the 6.5 in front cuz it would fit and same for the 4 in rear depends on what year this 4runner is itll take if its a90-91 5"in rear panel 92-95 itll take 51/4-6.5 in rear panel i say put t6he 4" up f4ront with the others and get something else for the rear
    and maybe a10"or 2 sub to put in back .jbl makes good amps at good prices
    lots of good subs to chose from jl,alpine,adire, just to name a few
    hope this helps some


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