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Reload Thread: "CAR AUDIO GODS" LQQKIN' for as much SPL as i can get out of my.

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    "CAR AUDIO GODS" LQQKIN' for as much SPL as i can get out of my.

    My single Fosgate Punch 360.2 amp with a Fosgate HX2 12" 2ohm dvc sub....not the powerHX2...just the waiting for the sub to arrive and while i wait was thinking of what kind of box people have had good luck with getting high SPL out of a single 12" Fosgate HX2....if anyone has for that matter.........I plan on building my own ported box, but before i do, i just wanna ask if anyone has any input for designs or dimensions they know would work well for high SPL...??..By the way the box is gunna be in the back of a 2001 chey blazer so room isnt an issue !!! before anyone goes off on me for asking for specs to a box, stop right there...i understand completley if no-one wants to offer any designs or dimenssions for a box.....i can understand the hard work done by ones-self on a combination that works well.....(im a drag racer, and im not gunna tell the guy im racin' how-2-go faster...LoL...)...but im new to the car audio scene and would really appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions....ya never know...cant hurt to ask.........I'll be making the box out of MDF, or 3/4" cherry ply-wood....i have a sheet in the garage, but dont know if i wanna use it for my box...<br />Also i was wanting to mount the sub, flush with the box....any comments on this..???....Ive also seen people talking about polly fill on here......or people putting fiberglass resin inside the box......anybody want to comment on this either..????..thanx in advance.... <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

    1-2001 Chevy Blazer
    Stock Radio, Batt, and Alternator
    1-Abc Box 5.?? cubes
    1-12" Fosgate HX2 DVC 2ohm
    1-Punch 360.2 amp =135.7 dB's

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    In my experience the best enclosure for max spl is a large ported enclosure. I have some pictures here somewhere of the enclosure in my winter beater. I have it tuned for daily driving. But with a port change it would work wonders. The external dimensions are 43" x 20" x 18". These are the external dimensions of the box. I use 3/4 in ch MDF. So the internal dimensions are 41.5" x 18.5" x 16.5" for a grand total of 7.33 cuft. With the basket displacement, port displacement and the internal bracing I have put in the box. I have 6.5 cuft internal volume. If you want further plans let me know I'll be at work ( the email listed here) at 4:30pm.

    I would stay away from polyfill with anything but a sealed box.

    The fiberglass resin helps to seal the porous MDF. I used it in the box I'm talking about. Drop me an email and I'll explain and give you some construction pictures I took.

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