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    Tweeter Help

    i hooked my tweeters up one in a left front, one in right front output then got to realizing that by doing that i could only hear half the treble since tweeter sound doesnt carry all that great the one across the truck is hard to here should i have run them mono?................i dont have an amp for them atm (i just got them) they are infinity 10.3ts so i just ran them where my front speakers were then put my front speakers in with my back is this the best way? or should i do something else? .............they sound great but i was thinking there might be a better way

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    I'm not familiar with what model the 10.3ts is. You said that you installed tweeters so I am assuming that you have a compnent set (tweeters and woofers are seperate). You should not run them mono, keep them in stereo. What your problem is, is sound imaging. Install the tweeters so that the one on the passenger side is pointing directly towards you (your ears)and the driver side tweeter pointing towards the passenger side. This should be the first step in improving the imaging. Experiment with repositioning the tweeters until you have a balanced sound. If you have coaxial speakers (tweeter and woofer are mounted together) then you'll just have to deal with it unless you want to install kick panel speaker molds. You could also try adjusting the balance and fader on your HU.

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