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    Do I need a line driver?

    I have a 2006 Acura RSX with the BOSE system and I'm trying to install a JBL 1201.1 and a JBL GTO120D subwoofer. I've got everything ran and I even built that ported enclosure for it (with the help of a local subwoofer box expert who posts on this forum )

    Anyways, I used a PAC adaptor to convert my high level signals to RCA. Now the problem is that my bass isn't as loud as I had hoped for. The gains are maxed out, and so is the bass boost.

    Now I had a Pioneer DEH-P470MP headunit laying around. I rigged up a power supply and ran the RCA's from the HU to the JBL amp. MAN the difference was night and day. The bass boost and gain was cut back 25% and it was still so much louder than when I ran it off of the BOSE HU and PAC adaptor.

    My friend measured the RCA output voltage of the PAC piece and it read only 0.5v, while the Pioneer DEH-P470MP read 1.1v of output. I want to keep the BOSE HU if possible because of the in-dash 6disc changer, and I wanted to keep the stealth look.

    Would a line driver help me in this situation? I've already done a search and noticed that some are for the line driver, while some are against it. I don't think the signal is bad, but to produce the power I want WITHOUT the HU then I have to basically run the amp into clipping. With the HU I was able to cut everything back 25%. I'm currently looking into the AudioControl EQS, but are there any cheaper alternatives?

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    Re: Do I need a line driver?

    i would just get a new HU

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