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    Box question and opinions (LONG POST)

    Recently, someone stole most all of my car audio stuff out of my 96 camaro.. The insurance is giving/has given me the following strange stuff:

    HU: Pioneer DEHP430 (single din) replaces an older model(deh45?) GMC fit one. The radio isn't bad.. but I dont know why they didnt just give me a newer model din and a half one?? I dont like din adapters and I had gotten used to those big buttons and display. Its ok though.

    EQ: Replaced my Sony XE-90 MKII.

    AMPS: This ones kinda wierd. They sent me 2 Sony XM-1805GX ES.. which is a 5 channel amp (4X40, 1X150). I had two older sony 405's (gray) that were 50X4.. one for the subs and one for the highs. Why in the world would they send me two 5 channels?? PS. I know.. sonys not the best.. but atleast they are ES.

    SUBS: 2 pioneer 10's (TS-W254DVC) to replace my older Pioneer IMPP 10's (they were black with gold writing, paid 100 for them). Not too bad.

    BOX: I had a prefab sealed camaro box for the two ten, which was also taken. Now the audio installation place put them in a ported Subzone box. They have the two 10s hooked up to the 5th channel of each amp. Would this effect sound, being hooked up to a different amp but in the same box (single chamber). I think the new box sounds bad. It hits pretty good.. but somethings off.. (dont know much about car audio.. maybe its sloppy?)I don't think the box specs are right for these subs. Should I get them to replace it with a sealed box or just a port that meets specs? I know the equipments not the best and im going with a little less watts (150 instead of 200 per sub), but shouldnt it sound better than my OLD equipment. It's not THAT much different.

    HIGHS: Ive got Cerwin Vega AI 5/14 components in kickpanels... CV AI 6 1/2 midwoofers in the doors, and CV AI 6 1/2 three ways in the back. They stole my tweeters out of my CV AI 5 1/4 components, so they are replacing those with JL audio XR-525CS.. I think this will be ok. I like all my highs to be from the same manufacturer so I gotta spend the cash (like 300)to replace the others..

    You guys think they did me fairly?? It was all a couple years old and everything was replace with new equipment.

    The stuff that was taken wasn't the greatest.. but it did sound pretty good. I can't judge the highs yet but i think they will be ok.. im 50 to 40 watts but I dont have to split the front channel anymore. Should I use the other two extra channels to push something? If so.. what and where??


    Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like they did you okay...

    But if you don't like the sound of the to the shop and have them explain why. You are probably correct in the assumption that the specs of the box don't match the subs. Running on the 5th channels of both amps might cause some issues, if the timing of the signals is different, but, all travels at the speed of light, so that chance is pretty slim.

    As for the extra channels, have the shop bridge a set to each of your front components...that way you can get more power there.

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