I have a question giving the following

currently have an amp distribution terminal with two ports one being used.

I need to fill my rear stage and was looking at the following two options

1. using the shop suggestion of getting another 4 ga amp kit and getting two Eclipse SW7104DVC T2's and two JL 500.1 to power them.

My main question here is can i just splice the two wires together that power the amp or get a 3 way distribution port or do I need to run another line? currently it is a 2ga power kit with a 100 in-line fuse up front.

or should I do

----Insert your suggestion here---

speakers need to be less then 5 inches deep from bottom of ring to bottom of speaker and must be 10's was looking at Increminator Audio LI10's or Eclipse SW7104DVC T2's

Also shop quoted me

subs 259ea
amps 409ea
4ga pwr kit 50

And lastly can anyone get the Eclipse PESWIX steering controls for me?

and anyone have any reviews on the Sirius S50-tk1 thinking of going that route for the sat radio.

currently got eclipse 8455 and ba pro 60's powered by jl 300/4 with 2ga pwr kit