I recently bought a crew cab f-350. Im going all out with the audio system i thought id share it with yall maybe you could give some better ideas or advise on my project.

I have a car computer that runs everything, which is mounted to the back of my
rear seat. It has a M10000 mini its motherboard which has svideo out and digital
audio out. Also i have a wireless out door lan antenna range extender mounted under the car so i can wirelessly connect to my home network. Almost everyone uses wireless now so you can just ride around and jack peoples signals and your online .Im running a 250 gb hardrive. For the carputer i have a M1-ATX 12v to 12v psu. For my monitor i have a 7 inch flip out with a vga imput. I have a touch pad mounted in my arm rest that i use instead of a mouse. I plan on splitting the s-video out signal to my two visor and headrest monitors. I have a alpine pxa-h700 signal processor with the controller. The controller is mounted in dash. Im currently lookign for the best mids i can find for the doors. Im doing a 5.1 surround setup with 2 6.5 mids and a horn tweeter in each door and a center console in the front wihte 2 6.5mids and a horn tweeter as well. I have 2 jl 300/4 that im going to use to power my 6.5 mids and horn tweeter in each of the 4 doors, 4 midsand 2 tweeters on each amp. And a jl 300/2 for the center 6.5 mids and tweeter. I have 4 dynamax ambulance sirens (they make the loudest mid horns ever) mounted under the truck running off another jl 300/4. For my bass right now all i have is 2 cvr 15s running on a jl 1000/1 (theyre just thrown in the back seat). I dont have any room for subs. Adventually i want to flush mount some in the back floor under the seat and fabricate a box around them under the truck. Well thats about it so far any ideas would be great. And if you thinki should do somethign differently just let me know. Thanks everybody