I am setting up a system and need help with ideas on what crossover points to use on which speakers. Here's what I have - let me know what range of signal I should send to each speaker set. \

First, I must say that I don't have a choice on the dash speakers that's what's left of the factory stuff I have to leave in the config.

Dash. Three 3" speakers. 100-18k, 20k-25k. (don't ask me why they did this, I would have no way of finding out)

Doors. 6.5" Alpine Type R components with 1" dome tweeters mounted next to them. What range of signal to send to them?

Rear Deck. Two Alpine Type R 6x9 coaxials. What range of signal to send to them?

Trunk. Sub box with one Alpine Type R 10" sub. Currently getting 100hz and below. What range to send to it if that's not right? Thanks guys.