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    check my system

    Aight I've got a 94 BMW 325is. I'm droppin a system in it and I've got this one currently laid out as my number 1 option, those of you who know systems...tell me what you think.

    Alpine MRP-F200<br />4 channel amplifier (50W x 4)<br />$159.00

    JL Audio 12W3-D4<br />12" subwoofer<br />$298.00 (for 2)

    JL Audio 500/1<br />Mono Power Amplifier<br />$409.00

    MB Quart DSC-113<br />5-1/4" Component 2 Way Speakers<br />$238.00 (2 sets)

    Sony CDX-M610<br />CD Receiver/CD Changer Controller<br />$259.00

    Total Price: $1,442.95 (includes shipping)

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    most of it sounds good but i wouldnt get the sony cd player go witht kenwood or panisonic they make some pretty good ones. the sony's i've heard are alright but the others are better

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    sounds good to me too, but as jon stated, the head unit should be changed. i recommend clarion or pioneer. the pioneer has got some of the best options and is really flexible. i'd also go with a different amp, say a fosgate or something.

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    I love my alpine head unit. It has every feature you could possibly want and it made my factory speakers sound much better.

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    i got 2 15" dhd compition crome seires subs and a 1600 watt dhd chomition amp and it cost me about 400 for all of it new and it kicks at about 190 dbl in my car i got a pioneer cd deck i will never own a sony agin they r good for about a year than they start skipping other wise ur system sound good u might wanna go with a differ amp to like the other guy

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    aight camaro whered you get geared up? and can anyone suggest a good amp and a specific deck (name-model #) thats good

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    Sounds like you have a very decent and well thought out system. With the exception of the Head Unit, I would say you are in good shape.

    I would Check out the Pioneer DEH-P7300 and seriously consider it. Mucho features for a very reasonable price.

    <a href=",1429,1983,00.html" target="_blank">,1429,1983,00.html</a>

    Everything else is good to go!!

    Hey guys....<br />Exactly why are you reccomending an amp swap?

    Take it easy,<br />-zane

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    "The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."

    - Henry David Thoreau

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