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Reload Thread: Talk me through this...Focal kp2, Audison LRX4.300, Tweeter...

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    Icon32 Talk me through this...Focal k2p, Audison LRX4.300, Tweeter...

    Hey All,

    I am considering purchasing a set of Focal 165K2P's and an Audison LRX 4.300 amp. I was planning on getting this installed at a Tweeter Audio/Video location.

    1. Is it a bad idea to purchase Focal's from anyone but an authorized dealer? If it's dependant upon the merchant, does anyone know anything about these two places? Are these prices too good to be true for new sets? Also, these sites seem to sell the 165K3P's pretty **** cheap. Is this a bad idea?:

    2. I can't afford to go more expensive than the Audison LRX 300.4. Am I matching the amp/speakers up okay? Am I buying too much speaker for too little amp? Is there an amp that the money would be better spent on? (I was quoted $675 new from authorized Audison dealer)

    3. Would it be worth looking around for these used, or are these products much more worth their dollar - new?

    4. Does anyone know about Tweeter Audio/Video as far as installation goes? Any exp?


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    Re: Talk me through this...Focal kp2, Audison LRX4.300, Tweeter...

    Using a small 4 channel amp to power a darn good set of components? I am a Audison dealer and there is no way that I would use an amp that small to properly power those speakers. I would look to a much larger 2 channel amp or 4 channel if the amp was to power something else. Find a Eclipse PA4212 amp for example, it is a much larger amp and just as good in the build quality department.

    I recommend that you purchase your equipment from the authorized dealers that work hard to look after you and supply much more pertinent information as well. There is nothing worse than spending you hard earned $ on some products that you might end up getting in a warranty battle over.

    Yeah, whatever

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