I've got a project car, a 1980 Volkswagen Polo L..

It's 900cc, and the engine has done 25,525 Miles in almost 26 years..

The final thing i have left to do is the headunit/speaker system, the car has no previous layout of speaker cabling at all, except the Headunit compartment is still connected & ready.

I have brought 2 x 6x9 Mutant X 300W (150W RMS) for the rear deck, and have brought a Pioneer DEH 890 (30W RMS x 4) CD/Tuner/Mp3/CD-R/CD-RW.

I was thinking, should i buy an amplifier? as i also have 2 x 150W Sony 13cm on the way for the front doors.. if so what should i get make€/ power wise..

also i'm going to realistically design some form of compartment to hold the speakers in securely onto the door interior / frame, as there is currently no space in the door itself to fit them, and atleast this way i can make it look like part of the car instead of completley trashing my door interior by cutting it with a jigsaw..

any ideas would be greatly appreciated, also how should i go about designing the compartment i need for the speakers, only really need to be moulded plastic suitable to fit 1 x 13cm per door. with the relevant screws.