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    Make my System

    Ok... I want to upgrade my very very basic audio system to something decent. Right now it's a '95 accord ex with the factory installed speaker.

    I'm looking at spending about $500 total, installion and all.

    I need a CD player included in that... as you can see my choices are very limited.

    I can fit four 5.25" to 6.5" speakers in there...

    So I need advice on a complete system I can buy, basically I want fairly clean sound with decent power and bass/treble I can move as I like ;-)

    I'm thinking about
    $200 on a cd player

    $200 component speakers (front)
    $100 regular speakers (back)

    any advice, tips, suggestions whatever please post them!


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    Go with a newer alpine head unit they will give you the cleanist sound out of any cd player and produce decent power also

    JBL 1200.1 with Two type R 12's

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    I'm new to this, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt....

    1. First, you'll want some way to amplify the sound to go to the speakers. Most headunits provide some amplification, but you'll want to make sure its enough to properly drive your speakers

    2. Don't forget to factor in the cost of a kit and wiring harness (possibly other parts for new speaker wiring/speaker installation?). Also, a professional install costs $$ if you go that way.

    3. You might do better if you add a subwoofer instead of replacing the other speakers. Even if you don't like thumping bass, your regular speakers (midrange and high sounds) will sound better and the sub will make the low sounds better as well. You can always replace the other speakers later if you want.


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