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    components for my truck

    i'm going to put some speakers to replace my stock ones in my 98 sonoma. so far i have an alpine 7876 (60wx4), JL 250/1 and 2 JL 10w3s. I'm either going to get

    5.25 components (door)
    Alpine SPX-137A - $229
    Alpine SPR-135A - $125
    JL audio XR525-CSI - $239


    4"x6" plate speakers (dash)
    Alpine SPS-4629 - $99 (plate component speakers)
    JL audio TR-400CX - $69 (4" coaxial speakers with adapters)

    what are the best ones out of these?

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    I am going to say JL all arround for this one. Their speakers just have a natural sweet spot and incredible sound. Not that the Alpines would not make an excellent choice; however, I believe the JL's would leave you a good deal happier.

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    Why 5.25? I put 6.5's in my 95 sonoma. If i were you, I'd put 6.5 inch woofers in the door, and tweeters in the A-pillar. I just ripped the 4 by 6's right out of the dash. The componets sound great. Anywho do what ya want but I think (know) you'd get the best imaging with tweets in the pillar and woofs in the door.


    P.S. If its extended cab you could really hook something cool up if so inclined. I have the Alpine 40x4 rms bridged powering my componets. Go with JBL or MB quart.

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    In my 97 S-10, i put my tweeters in the top of my door panel. I've had tweeters there, top of the windshield, in the vents, and behind the seats, and at the top of the door is by far where i got the best sound. I like the sound of the jl audio componets. As for the 4X6's, i got ton's more clarity by just putting a midbass in the dash,(not a two way or anything) , and just let it go. After about 3 years of a few different copanies, andmoving speakers from here to there, that is where i've found my best results.

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    to my understanding the speakers in the door are 5.25, but i stand corrected. My truck is only a reg cab unfortunately, but oh well. thanks for all the help.

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