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    hey guys how do you run your power wire in your car for like an amp or somthing to the trunk... I have tryed a few differnt ways but was wonder how you guy done it and which way would be the best. I have a 96 cutlass and I havent found a hole in the firewall at all to get back to my trunk what I did was ran it under my car but the wire got really dirty so I dont want to do that again and susgestions? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

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    What I did was drill a hole in the fire wall. I used a 12.5 volt drill and a 1/4 inch metal biting drill bit. If you do this, make sure your clear on both sides of the fire wall and plan ahead for which side of the car you will run the cable. I then pulled up the door thresholds and carpet along one edge of the car and ran the cable under the edge of the carpet. Just be sure that the cable is not in an area where it will be frequently stepped on or pinched by anything.

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    ok thanx man... but I hate drilling holes and where would I drill I mean I dont want like rain and snow leaking in and *****...

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    I have a mustang, which already had a hole in the firewall. I ran it through the hole and under my carpet along the driver side door, then back near my seats. You would be surprised that no water gets in through the hole.(probrably because it is 3/4 of the way up the firewall. If your worried, put silicone around the wire or outlining the hole.(that is kinda hard if you don't have alot of room to work with.)

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    i never hacked through a firewall before. in that case i always just ran the wire under the frame of the car. drill a small whole in the trunk (in an inconspicuous spot) then just glob sealent around it so prevent water from splashing up... later

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    thanx I will look at it more... I have tryed that under the car thing and the wire gets really dirty and I dont like dirty things so I just want to try a differnt way but thanx again

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    [quote]Originally posted by &lt;Black&gt;:<br /><strong>thanx I will look at it more... I have tryed that under the car thing and the wire gets really dirty and I dont like dirty things so I just want to try a differnt way but thanx again</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Well if you don't wanna drill and you don't wanna run it under the car you are really limiting the options there.

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    Most cars of your type have blank grommets in the firewall where there are allready holes available for certain options and dealer anticipated modifications. On the drivers side, pull back the lower dash, carpet, and kick pannel area. look right arround or just slightly above where th steering colum goes through. On the passenger side- remove the lower dash trim, pull back the carpet, and look in the area that would be directly behind your glove box. You are looking for basically a black plug. Also, get a flashlight out and crawl under the hool and look along the firewall for the same things. They ARE there. Just be sure to check out both sides once you find one ot be sure that it is clear. In most cases, you can remove the rubber plug and just punch a small hole into it and run your power wire through it and re-insert the plug back into its hole. most parts stores also sell rubber grommets with various hole sizes in case you need a newer one. You absolutely MUST have something between the metal of the car and the wire though! Saftey first! once it is in the car- it is all down hill from there!

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    Thanks alot man!! I was wondering what those things were I didnt know they were holes I think I have 1 or 2 cant remember but I am sure I have one anyway!! thanx again!

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