here's my first review. just tellin it as is.

Ease of use: very easy and straight forward deck. the toggle between different functions is easy to catch onto and learn.

Looks: colors are nice, looks kinda plain.

Functions: the bass engine is nice, so you can set the subs to match the volume of your fronts so bass doesnt drown out mids/highs. not as many other functions as you'd expect, bass+treb eq, fd. and bal. detachable face plate was a must when i was looking for a deck, and this has one.

Sound: a noticeable sound difference came from my [Bstock speakers[/B] after i put this deck in. sounded cleaner and better. NOTE: i am planning on upgrading fronts at a later time.

Cost: 280$ canadian, about what you'd pay most pretty good decks

Out of 10: 8.5

more_spl's thoughts
i would recommend this as a starter deck if you want a bit more than basic. the bass engine is good for when you go out to dB drags and whatnot.

SO TELL ME:: how good was my first review?