After evaluating how much more room I want to give up in my trunk for audio equipment I am stuck with the delema of how to create a sub-enclosure in the amount of space I have available.

I would like to ask all the experts out there for some advice.

Here is my delema:

I want to keep my subs located under the package tray of my 1955 Chevy, However I also want to locate two optima batteries under there as well. After tubbing the wheel wells and installing a fuel cell that has a lid covering it (For protection) that when tilted up it goes into this back panel slightly which is where I want to place my subs.

Because of the panel size I will be limited to two 10" subs located on the back panel.

Now here is where it gets interesting:

Because my batteries will be located behind this panel I have to leave an access panel to get to the batteries. The remaining space will not allow me to purchase enclosures that will meet the Sub manufacturers specs for size.

With that in mind I can create an enclosure that will enclose this entire space behind the panel that will also include the batteries but I have to leave an access panel as part of the box. I will also have to build the box in the car because it will not be able to slip it in after assembly.

Now I have a problem with how to seal off the box and yet still leave an opening in the panel to get to the batteries, and the new size of the box will excede the manufacturers specs.

I can create a box inside the box that can go around the batteries and seal it for the access panel to get to the batteries. I will also be placing a JL 500.1 AMP on this access panel door and a 1 farad cap somewhere inside the box. Another problem will be routing all the power wires through the box to the other AMPS and the rest of the car.

I am not going to be competing but I would like something that hits hard and sounds clear.

As for the rest of the trunk area I will be using the sides of the trunk for 2ea. JL 300.2 AMPS and 2ea. 1 Farad Caps. Needless to say I am running out of room in the trunk and I am looking for advice.

Does anyone have any ideas that might help me out?

Thanks for your time.