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Reload Thread: Help with Sub enclosures!!!

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    Help with Sub enclosures!!!

    I have a 98 four-door Ford Escort, and I am hooking up a Rockford Punch 250.2 amp to a Kicker Comp VR 4 ohm 12" sub. I am just looking to hook up a good system that will sound good with House music, etc. What kind of enclosure should I use? Do I have enough power to go with a sealed box? The consensus of installers I have talked to seem to think so, but some people are not so sure. I think I have enough power to go with the better sound quality and tighter bass that the sealed enclosure would give me over a bandpass or ported box, but I need some more opinions. For what it is worth, my head unit is an Alpine 7875. Thanks in advance!

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    Well, kinda allready answered this on your own. The tight punchy bass that house/dance music has, would lend itself better to a sub in a sealed enclosure. -This is primarily what a sealed enclosure is designed for; accuracy, clarity, and punch.

    Plenty of power from the 250.2- you're good to go!!

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