Quick question, in the back of my Ranger xcab I am putting one 12 and was wondering if there is any benefit to pointing the speaker forward, backward or to the side? I know in cars most people turn the box backwards, so I was wondering if anyone has tested the different directions in trucks? BTW the box is going to be sealed. I was thinking of simply putting it right between the two seats facing forward but thought way not ask, most of you know more about this then me.

Also, when I mount my 6.5's in my doors what material should I use to close the rest of the stock hole? I was thinking that maybe I should use thin MDF and cut it to completely cover the stock hole then cutting out a hole for my 6.5 then using a router to make the 6.5 flush with the MDF. Does this sound right or is there a better way?

Where should I mount the tweeters to get the best sound, I know this depends alot on the specific car but thought maybe you could point me in the right direction.

Any help and suggestions would be alot of help. I was going to pay to have it installed but thought I would enjoy it more if I done the work myself.