I'm stuck between whether to go with 3 12" IDQ v2D4's or 2 12" IDMAX v3d2's. Either setup will be powered by a Phoenix Gold T1200.1 in a sealed box built to specs. I'm looking for the best sound quality I can get but I want it to get loud too. My major question is will the 3 12's hit as hard as the 2 IDMAX's. I know the IDQ's are more of a sq sub where as the IDMAX is an sql sub. If the 3 12's will get as loud if not louder and sound better at the same time I will go with that setup. With the Sd and excursion taken into place the 3 12" IDQ's look as if they have the ability to have more output than the IDMAX's given a good install, but I just want to hear what you guys think. Thanks for the help.