I need a 1/2 DIN HU that plays MP3 files from CD. I have a couple of other requirements too. I want it to have separate leads for amp turn-on and power antenna. I also want the HU to lower the power antenna when you pop in a CD instead of leaving it up all the time since 99% of the time I'm listening to CDs, not the radio.

I just bought a Pioneer DEH-7400MP and found out I should have done a lot more research before I ordered it. It plays MP3s, but it doesn't even have separate wires for the antenna and amp turn-on lead, so the antenna would always be up. I also learned that even if you don't have an external amp, the HU still always leaves the antenna up whether you're listening to CDs or the radio. Luckily a buddy of mine wants to buy it from me.

Any suggestions for a HU that fits all of my criteria? Please help!

93 MR2 Turbo
91 300ZX Twin Turbo