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    new setup.... few questions

    ok, first off ive got a 95blazer 4door. i just completly upgraded my system in it. i whent from having a 10" se, to a 15" atlas, to a 15" brahma which i currently have in it. ive got the brahma in a 5cube @29Hz being powered by a jbl BP600.1. as far as bass goes, im very happy with my system. but my question revolves around my speakers. in the front im running a pair of pioneer premier ts-d601p's (,00.html ) and in the rear, im running a pair of infinity 6002i's.

    most people ive talked to have told me that i should take out the rear speakers and just run the front's due to cancelation. and it while sound much better. i personally dont really no which would be better and why, which is why im asking you guys.

    also, ive got an extra kicker 300.2 laying around, it puts out 75watts x2 @4ohms. do you think the pioneer's would be able to handle this as long as i kept the gain down. and do you think it would make a big difference? it says there only 60watts rms so i wasnt sure. keep in mind that there currently only being ran of my deck.

    all help is appreciated.



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    Re: new setup.... few questions

    you dont have to take out the rear speakers, you can just fade them out off of your headunit. rear speakers do cause cancellation and interfere w/ the front stage, so to answer your question, yes it is better to only play the fronts. but do what sounds best to you, not what sounds best to others.
    that kicker amp puts more than whats its rated btw, but you should be fine if you keep the gains down.

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