Here is a few pics of my cars hatch and rear compartment that im am going to be building a sub box into. The opening after i cut the plastic out will be about 12x11 and is 13 inches deep. Preciously i just used a false floor and let the sub hang down into because i didnt want to cut anything but it had no lows so i am going to do it right this time. Im running a 300 watt mono alpine amp to the sub and am debating between the new 10" type-r, or the 10" Kicker l5. As you can see the sub is right behind you and will be in a sealed box, for this reason i am thinking the type-r , but the amps and sub will be hidden under a false floor and the top is also store back their when its off the car and i have been told the kickers are louder so for that reason maybe it would be better. Looking for any input or recommendations.

Here is the pics, the wires are a mess right now but hide real easy under the rear carpet.