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Reload Thread: can you put (2) 6x9's to 1 channel while having a sub to the other channel?

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    can you put (2) 6x9's to 1 channel while having a sub to the other channel?

    tonight i installed my old a beginning amp and sub in my fiance's car. it's a cheap 600 watt peak 80x2rms "koiler" amp and a 10 inch bazooka sub. what i did was i set it up to the tri-mode. i put the speakers to one channel itself and then put the sub the the bridged terminals.

    i turned on the radio and put set the amp to have the high freq. all the way up and the low freq. all the way up, and had the thing set on "full". i had the gain all the way up and the level of the speakers was loud. the speakers are supposedly 300 watts each. they are 6x9 richmond 4 way speakers. (i hear those are swap meet brand, although they are really nice clear speakers) if i remember right i think they maybe only like 50rms. so i put the gain at "half". the speaker level dropped. i mean the volume range is 0-50 and with the gain all the way up at volume 15 it was loud as ****. so i brought the gain down it was more comfortable sound level.

    it sounds good but i would like to hear the sub hit a little more. i can hear the sub a little bit but it can hit so much harder. what i was thinking was if i can just bridge both the 6x9's to 1 channel and have the sub to the other channel? can 1 channel be reading 2ohm and the other reading 4ohm? but thinking about this really hard, i think i might find myself in the same position.

    i know i might have to get a whole separate amp for the sub to achieve a better hit from the sub. i know this sub hits good but i can't make it hit good without having the speakers scream into your ear drums. i was thinking about crossfire vr142 for all the speakers and anothe for the sub.

    FOR THE TIME NOW, is there something i could do now. like can i wire the speakers to be 8 ohms and bridged that into 1 channel? and the sub to the other? if i put one positive on the speakers and connect it to the other speakers' negetive and just use the left over pos and neg that'll make 8ohm right? cuz that's what i did to make 8 ohm on my hollywood excursion subs.

    help please. thank you.

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    Running the sub and main speakers off the same amp is silly. You don't want the sub to be getting hi frequencies. You'd need an external low pass filter for it. And if you run subs on one channel and mains on the other, you'll miss all the highs and mids from the second channel.

    Run the 6X9's off the head unit and the sub off the amp.

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