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Reload Thread: I'm having alternator problems guys...please help me out

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    I'm having alternator problems guys...please help me out

    I have already posted this in the installation section but there is no one there to help me out. The bolt that holds the alternator to battery wire is getting extremely hot. After running for less than a minute, it's too hot to touch. There is a clicking sound coming from the bolt and it really sounds like arcing electricity. Last night I could see a orange glow where it was arcing, but I can't see it today. Maybe it's normal for the bolt to get that hot?? I don't know but it doesn't seem right. There has been quite a bit of oil get onto the bolt over the past few days from a spewing oil fill tube. But that's fixed now.

    I've cleaned grounds up, and am about to check the fuse going from my alternator to the battery. Maybe all the current is having to go through the original wires and thats what's happening. There is also a lot of acid forming on the battery positive post. What could be causing this?

    RE XXX15 (stolen)
    4.2 cu ft at 32hz (stolen)
    ED nine.1 (stolen)
    1/0 wiring
    HO alternator (pa performance)
    40 sq ft of ed v1se
    CDT EF-61 6.5" components

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    Re: I'm having alternator problems guys...please help me out

    sounds like a cracked/broken/loose contact arcing

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