Forum News and Updates

- 2014 -

9/3 - We will be moving the site to a new more powerful server in the early morning hours of 5/5 at 5am EST. During the transfer, you will not be able to access the site, which should take between 2-4 hours to complete. This upgrade should make the site faster and more stable. We apologize for the brief inconvenience.

8/23 - The site is experiencing intermittent DDoS (denial of service) attacks. We're taking steps to prevent these, however you may notice site outage or slow page loads while we perform these measures. As always, we apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

- 2013 -

12/20 - We'd like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and safe Holiday season! We look forward to an outstanding 2014!

9/13 - AAAAAAA's review of the Sundown SD-2 Subwoofer was chosen as the winner of our bi-monthly review contest. It will be featured on the homepage for a limited time, so get those reviews in quick!

1/30 - AAAAAAA's review of the Massive Audio Nano Bit BX4 amp was chosen as the latest winner in our bi-monthly review contest! Their review will also be featured on the homepage for a limited time.


11/1 - Due to site growth, we've decided to appoint a couple more moderators to assist in regulating the forum. If you haven't already, so hello to OmegaBunny and Pro-Rabbit, our 2 newest moderators! As always, we appreciate all the hard work our moderators contribute to!

5/18 - Imtjnotu's review was chosen for the March-April winner in our review contest and will be rewarded $25! His review will also be featured on the homepage for a limited time.

3/30 - Welcome to our 100,000th member on! We look forward to the continued rapid growth and car audio community assistance that our dedicated members provide.

1/26 - We're proud to introduce a few new features and improvements to existing ones. You can read more of what's new at: New Updates/Features Introduced:


12/25 - We hope you and yours have a memorable and enjoyable holiday season and a great start to 2012! We have had a great year here at, by introducing a number of new enhancements to make the site both more user friendly for all members and more productive for sellers. We appreciate all your help and dedication and look forward to serving you into the new year!

12/15 - The latest product review winner has been chosen - Micksh - for his review of the Sundown SA-8 subwoofer! Get your reviews in for the Nov-Dec drawing coming up *very* soon!

8/18 - gunz4me2's review was chosen for the July-August winner in our review contest and will be rewarded $25! His review will also be featured on the homepage for a limited time.

6/23 - hispls review was chosen for the May-June winner in our review contest and will be rewarded $25! His review will also be featured on the homepage for a limited time.

Remember to submit those reviews, for your chance to win in the next drawing...

6/16 - We now have the option for members to select to be Vendor or Premium members! Selecting these options will give your account many more useful features and added permissions, as noted on the information page here.

5/26 - The chat software was updated today, to help make it more stable and decrease loading times. If you notice any issues, please let us know.

5/5 - We have a winner for the March-April car audio review contest. tpmeredith won for his detailed review of the Massive Audio RK-6 Components. $25 will be rewarded to his PayPal account. Congrats and keep the great reviews coming!

3/31 - The long awaited search function enhancement has been completed. Your search results should now be alot more targeted, with near realtime results.

3/25 - We have added a few new feature enhancements to the forum. Please see the thread on this at:

Leave it to Goob...

3/2 - We have a winner for the Jan-Feb car audio review contest. Healtoeclutch won for his detailed review of the Pioneer AVH-P4300. $25 will be rewarded to his PayPal account. Congrats!

2/9 - If you're logged in, you will notice we now have a realtime member messaging chat feature, at the bottom of your screen. You may use this to chat live with other members in your friends list, or play realtime 2-player games with members in your list.

2/5 - We now have 2 more moderators to assist with keeping the forum in check. Welcome, Audioholic and Bob Saget to our list of much appreciated moderators!

1/27 - We have separated the Classifieds forum into multiple sections to make browsing easier and faster!

Also, for those who frequently only visit the classifieds, you can reach there by just typing the domain

CA - caraudio CL - classifieds

Pronounced - cackle

1/25 - We just passed the 7 million posts mark. Many thanks to all our dedicated "and talkative" members!

- 2010 -

12/23 - We want to wish you of you a safe and happy holidays and an even better 2011! It's been quite a year here and we appreciate all of our dedicated members! Cheers!

12/9 - You now have a pre-populated template for use in the Classifieds forum to assist in getting your items listed as easily as possible. Using this template also helps keep necessary seller/item information visible, coordinated and the Classifieds running more smoothly as a whole. That said, we ask that all members use this template when selling. An infraction will be applied to those members who neglect to use it, as it's use helps out both the seller and the buyer.

12/1 - We will be performing a site software upgrade today, which will reduce bugs and increase functionality. A new feature will also be added, called "Spy". It will allow you to see in "realtime" what's going on in the forums, without having to refresh the page. You can view the "Spy" feature via the community link in the navbar and clicking Spy.

11/11 - member Jarick, has been chosen as the November winner for the best car audio review. Jarick will receive $25 via PayPal and also the winning review has been posted on the homepage.

10/28 - We have now set the forum and gallery default style to "Wide View", to fill screen of todays higher resolution monitors. If you had rather view the site with the old condensed view, you can change back over to "Narrow View", by selecting it at the bottom left corner of each page, in the drop down box.

10/19 - The Private Message quota has been raised to 300 messages. This should allow you to keep a few more of those important messages. More updates are coming soon!

9/22 - The forum software has been updated to correct a few bugs. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the site.

7/15 - New Moderators were announced and took effect today, to assist in keeping the forum running smooth.

They are:

K & M Computers

Please give them the respect they deserve, as they're only trying to help the forum out as a whole!

7/1 - Congratulations genxx, July featured car audio review winner! $25 should be in your hands now. Who will be the winner next month?

6/29 - We just completed another forum/gallery update, with over 450 bug fixes and new features added. One notable feature, you can now view new posts in each individual forum not as within the whole forum as before. Simply click the drop down box beside the "New Posts" link in the navbar and select the forum in which you would like to see new posts in.

6/21 - A few of you with higher screen resolutions have requested a wider screen view to view the forums. If you scroll down to the bottom of each page in the footer, you can select from the drop down box, - Wide View, to view the site in a mode that will fill your screen better. Don't worry if you also view the site with a smart phone, because the resolution will automatically drop down to fit it better when you're using it.

5/26 - You can now login more easily to the site if you use Facebook. Simply link your Facebook account to your username by clicking the "Facebook" connect button at the top of all pages and follow the steps. This will make it easier to use both sites simultaneously.

5/21 - In case you haven't noticed, we now feature a car audio product review by members on the homepage. Once monthly, we will choose a well composed/factual and detailed car audio review from the Car Audio Review section, to display on the homepage. Along with yours being chosen, you will also receive $25 via PayPal and your username will be displayed in your review as well. This is a great way to help out others, get a little notoriety and put some money in the wallet, or purse!

5/5 - We performed a software update today to address a few bugs/errors with the forum. Please report any issues that might be affected by this.

5/4 - We're implementing new search capabilites today. For the next few hours when trying to search, you might experience errors, or brief site outages. We apologize, but it's necessary to bring better search funtionality to the site.

4/15 - The Installs Gallery is now open! View other members car audio install photos and post up your own car audio installs. This new feature will finally help settle who has the best car audio system on!

4/9 - A new forum has just been released! The Car Audio Industry News/Product Release forum will allow car audio manufacturers to showcase their new products and company happenings. Stay up to date with the latest in the world of car audio!

4/1 - You can now change your Username on the forum! Just goto "Settings", then "Edit Profile" and you will see the form. You can change it up to 3 times and once every 30-days. A username change history will be kept and displayed in your profile, which is visible to all members. Please don't abuse this!

3/26 - We're going to be upgrading the server for even faster load times and more reliability tomorrow morning at 8am. After the update you should see more improved page load times and less potential risk of downtime.

3/10 - We have changed over to the new server, which will result in much faster loading pages and easier navigation. There might be a few bugs to be worked out, but we're working quickly to resolve those. Everything should be back to normal in the next day or so. We appreciate your patience in this.

3/2 - Our 80,000th member just registered on the forum today! Congrats to all our members for your continued support!

2/17 - We just performed a software maintenance update to the forum, to address a few bugs and issues since the last upgrade.

Also, we implemented a new "Thank you" system on the forum. With this new feature, you can thank other users for helpful posts, or for assisting you with any questions you might have. A member's total number of "Thank you's" are displayed in their profile. This will make it easier to simply say thanks and also to recognize those truly helpful members. To give a "Thank you", the button is located in every post, near the bottom of the post.

2/10 - Welcome our new seller/buyer rating system, iTrader! iTrader will allow you to rate buyers/sellers on transactions you make on the forum. It works much like the eBay rating system and is very straight forward. Please remember to rate the buyer/seller on each transaction made from now on. Please don't abuse this funtion and it will work fine!

2/8 - We have added a new feature to allow members to upload and showoff their car audio related photos. Just click the "Gallery" link at the top of the page and start browsing!

1/19 - We have the biggest part of the upgrade completed with the forums. But a few issues remain that will be sorted out soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

1/14 - We're in the process of doing a major planned upgrade to the forums. Functionality might be affected for a few more hours, until we get everything worked out. Please bear with us

- 2009 -

12/29 - We wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! We have a lot in store for 2010 and hope all of you will join us in helping remain the top car audio destination!

9/29 - We're aware of the slow page load times and are working on the solution. We apologize for the major inconvenience this is causing. Please bear with us!

8/28 - Shortly, we will be making some improvements to our forum software, that will result in faster page load times, enhanced functionality, along with many more user features. This should make browsing and using the forum and photo galleries much easier and enjoyable. Get ready!

6/25 - The forum now contains over 6 million searchable posts. Many thanks to all our dedicated members!

4/14 - We have extended the number of threads per page to enhance and speed up browsing. We will also be introducing a number of new features over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

- 2008 -

12/31 - We here at hope you and yours have a happy and safe new year celebration and a great start to '09!

12/23 - As a small gift to all forum members, the private message quota limit has been raised from 150 to 250. We hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday season!

11/1 - A security patch has just been installed on the forum software, to enhance security and spamming.

10/3 - The 5 millionth post has been posted to the forum! Many thanks to all our dedicated members!

9/16 - We now have over 60,000 members on the forum and growing strong!

6/16 - We now have 4.5 million posts to the forum! Congrats!

5/2 - Our 50,000th member registered today!

3/1 - We now have a forum dedicated to showing off and helping others with the construction of your car audio system. Check out the new "Car Audio Build Log" forum today!

2/19 - We are currently dealing with a forum issue in which a lot of members were unfairly banned. We apologize and are working to get this resolved as fast as possible.

2/5 - The forum has surpassed the 4 million posts mark, with over 46,000 members. Congrats to all our dedicated members.

- 2007 -

10/3 - A new forum moderator vote will be held Tuesday, October 16th. Please check the announcement in The Lounge for more details on qualifications and moderator duties.

9/24 - We have now surpassed 3.3 million posts on the forums and are nearing the 40,000th membership mark!

8/27 - A much needed forum software and server upgrade was just completed. You should see much faster page loading times and fewer error messages.

6/11 - 3,000,000 posts mark has now been shattered! Our many thanks to all our loyal members!

4/3 - Lots of new smilies added! Also, the Review Section has been broken down into categories, to make it easier to browse and locate the item you're looking for.

3/12 - Private message storage space has been upgraded by 50%! You can now store 150 messages total! This is just a small token of our appreciation for all our dedicated members.

1/29 - A minor forum redesign/upgrade is complete. Hope you like the new headers, which should make navigating the site easier.

- 2006 -

12/14 - With nearly 2.5 million posts, the forum is still growing by leaps and bounds and we owe it all to our dedicated and helpful members! We hope you have a great holiday season and a great start to the new year. We have many improvements in store for 2007, so keep your eyes peeled and as always, bump responsibly and obey all noise restrictions in your area!

9/13 - Our 30,000th member joined today! Welcome to the forum!

9/11 - New car audio comparison shopping site unvailed on! Now make sure you're getting the best deal on your next online purchase.

9/1 - The new merchandise store just opened! Grab a logo tshirt, sticker, or other items and support!

8/4 - The 2,000,000th post was just submitted on the forums! Congratulations to all our dedicated members!

7/26 - New "Member Introduction" forum created. Now you can
properly introduce yourself and get to know the other forum

5/18 - New "Video Database" forum added! Share links to all your
favorite crazy/insane videos here. Yet another forum to help you
kill time.

4/3 - Check out the new Member Journal section and start your own
member journal, car audio project log, or installation details.

2/17 - The 1.5 million posts mark was just met!

2/14 - New moderators announced below:
Thanks to all who voted!

2/1 - New moderator vote next Thursday, 2/9! Check
The Lounge for an announcement and more details.

1/24 - Many new smilies added. You're sure to love these!

1/12 - Over 1.4 million posts have now been posted on the forums!
We have also added a new Miscellaneous Classifieds forum, for
members to sell non car audio items.

- 2005 -

12/22 - We want to wish everyone a happy and enjoyable holiday season! With the 1 millionth post mark shattered this year, the forums have seen blockbuster growth. We look forward to another year of blockbuster growth in 2006, with many new forum enhancements just around the corner. As always, stay safe, bump responsibly and we'll see you next year!

10/10 - 1.2 million posts mark surpassed today! Nearly double the number of posts a year ago this date!

10/6 - A new member blog forum has been added! Now you can store
your daily experiences, special events, project logs and more here
at, to share with other members. Get yours now!

8/9 - The forum and photo gallery software were updated today. You
will find numerous enhancements and faster page loading as a result! Please bear with us while we work out a few functionality issues.

7/8 - ***The 1,000,000th post mark was surpassed today! Thank you to all our dedicated members, new and old!***

5/24 - New local car audio installer/retailer review forum added! Go tell others your experiences with local shops!

4/22 - The 20,000th member joined the forums today! Congrats!

3/8 - New Moderators Announced. Thanks to all who voted!
Jack Frost

2/16 - New updated photo gallery software up and running! You can
now leave comments on photos, among other new features.

1/24 - Thanks to NjccBflo, you now have lots of new hilarious smilies to choose from!

1/12 - We hope everyone had a great holiday season! Over 700,000 posts have been made as of today. Let's make this year the best ever!

- 2004 -

12/23 - We'd like to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season and a great new year! This has been an unbelievable year for the forums, as they have near doubled in size and membership. We owe it all to our dedicated members! As always, stay safe and bump responsibly!

11/26 - As a small holiday gift to all our members, we have enabled you to choose a different color scheme when viewing the forums. Choose from your pick of Gruesome Green, Ogre Orange, Bleak Blue, or Poison Purple. You may change this setting in the User Control Panel, under "Options". We hope each of you have a safe and happy holiday season!
10/23 - 600,000 posts have been made in the forums! Thanks to all our dedicated members that made this possible.

10/5 - Spell check feature implemented into the forums. No more using the "I'm a bad speller" excuse!

8/19 - New buyer/seller feedback forums unveiled for the Classifieds! Now you can leave feedback on how
the deal went, whether it be good or bad.

7/8 - The 500,000 posts mark has been shattered! Thanks to all our dedicated members!

7/5 - New Moderators Announced: Thanks to all who voted!

6/21 - Due to an extensive server upgrade, you may experience site outages and page loading errors today. Everything should be back to normal by 12:00am EST. We apologize for any inconvenience.

6/16 - The new moderator vote will be Wednesday, June 23rd. The top 60 posters as of Today (6/16/03), will be eligible candidates. 10 of the 60 candidates will be chosen by you to be moderators, via e-mail vote. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation and special thanks to the current moderators for a job well done!

5/31 - You may now upload images for use in your signatures! No commercial gain type (ad) images allowed. Also, linking your image to another web site is not permitted. *Please don't abuse this!

5/29 - Enhancements made to speed page downloads.

4/20 - Private Messaging message limit raised! The message limit
for members has been raised from 30 to 50. The message limit for
moderators has been raised from 50 to 75 messages. This is a small
token of our appreciation, for your dedicated support of!

3/29 - This upcoming weekend we will be upgrading site software.
You may experience brief outages, or page errors. We apologize for
any inconvenience.

3/2 - Our photo gallery reached 2000 photos today! Keep'em coming!

2/17 - 400,000 posts surpassed and no sign of slowing down! Congrats to
all our dedicated members!

- 2003 -

12/18 - We would like to wish all of you a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous '04! We never imagined would grow this fast and we have YOU to thank! Stay safe and bump responsibly!

12/5 - Thanks to all who voted! New Moderators Listed Below:

11/4 - New Moderator vote coming soon! Please see the Lounge for more information and qualifications.

10/1 - The server upgrade has been completed. You should notice faster loading pages and easier navigation.

9/18 - LOTS of new smilies added. Check them out!

9/8 - Minor forum upgrade in progess, expect a few delays.

8/11 - Message Forums surpasses 300,000 posts and going strong!

7/28 - Photo Gallery storage allowances just tripled, to 3MB! Also, you can now upload larger avatars of up to 135 x 135 pixels!

7/17 - We are in the final stages of upgrading our forum and photo gallery software. Most of the bugs have been worked out, however, if you note any please let us know at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this process.

7/10 - Over the next several days we will be upgrading our forum and photo gallery software to faster, more efficient and feature packed versions. During this process, you may notice site downtime, or functions not operating correctly. We apologize for any inconvenience during this upgrade.

4/23 - New Moderators Announced!
Your new moderators are:

Moderator positions will be active by early May. Not voted to be a Mod? Don't worry! A new vote for mods will take place in approximately 4 months. Thanks to all who voted!

4/15 - Commercial ads in signatures, or posts will not be tolerated. Links are ok, hype is not. Keep it fair!

4/11 - Member moderators are almost here! There will be a vote for new mods next Thursday (4/17). The top 40 posters, as of 4/11, will be eligible candidates for a moderator position. 7 will be chosen. If you are an eligible candidate and do not wish to be a mod, please let us know.

3/11 - After many requests by our members and explosive growth recently, we have decided to introduce member moderators. Moderator duties will basically be to oversee the forums and keep topics in the appropriate forum. They will also have 1st priority in dealing with abusive members and posts. We hope that member moderation will be a beneficial addition to the forums, by incorporating a more hands-on approach to dealing with forum issues. More details will be posted shortly...

2/3 - Our prayers and best wishes go out to the friends and family members of the Space Shuttle Columbia. 2/1/03 will be a day of grief and rememberance, for many years to come.

1/27 - surpasses 150,000 posts and growing strong! Congrats!

1/2 - Get the new year started off right with a new '03 calendar! Choose 13 images in the Photo Gallery and submit them to be printed in the top section of your very own custom calendar!