*Top 15 Stats on the forum homepage now auto-update every 30 seconds.

*For premium members and vendors, the thread pages themselves will also auto update every 10 seconds, eliminating the need to click reload for busy threads.

*The thanks/likes system has also been updated. You can now thank, like, or dislike a post. The old system was flawed and needed to be updated and this was the newest, best alternative.

Your thanks/likes stats will show on all your posts, your profile page and:
Thanks / Like Statistics - Car Audio Forum - CarAudio.com

*You can now revert back to your old username if wanted. This can be performed in the forum settings section.

*We now have a new member tagging system. This will allow you to know when you're tagged in threads that might be of interest to you. You can view a list of threads you're tagged in by viewing the tagged tab in your profile.

To tag a member, you simply enter their username at the bottom of a particular thread in the Tag box.

*You can also mention a member in a post by inserting the @ before their username, @Mike of Cali . Mentioning a member in a thread is a good way to let them know a thread might be of interest to them, so they can respond. Keep in mind you will need to enter their username as it reads on the site. If they use a space between words, you will need to use a space also when mentioning them in a post.

You can view threads you have been mentioned in from the mention tab on your profile page.

*To view forum statistics for members who have been tagged, mentioned and quoted, goto:
Statistics - Car Audio Forum - CarAudio.com

**Please note, we're working on getting all the thanks data imported into the new system, along with the likes data.***