Beginning July 5th, any member who is *not* a supporting vendor will not be allowed to post advertisements in their signatures, whether it be a URL link (which you can't do right now anyway with the software), commercial text, or an advertisement image.

What is an advertisement? Any text or image that promotes an entity for their monetary gain. You will also not be able to promote other members/entities commercial ventures or websites in your signature.

This is to be fair to the vendors who pay to advertise on this site and help keep the forums running.

That said, if a moderator observes this new rule being broken, you will be warned accordingly. The next step will be to deactivate your signature permanently, if this rule is broken again.

We welcome you to check out the benefits of becoming a vendor member and the added revenue it will bring members who do business on this site...

If you have any questions about this, please PM me and I will do my best.