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Reload Thread: Need installer

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    Need installer

    Im actually in the middle of my build, I ussually go to AVE due to their price of install and product price but its kinda getting a hassle to drive to clearwater whenever i need something done and i have not found a place in Tampa that charges close to decent pricing for install and products.

    i have aftermarket radio avic 120bt
    kac 7204 amp
    2 farad capacitor

    can I get prices for
    install 4 door speakers 6x8
    install rockford PBR 300x4 for door speakers
    replace kac 7204 with Brutus 1700.1
    will be running 2 rockford t1's dvc 2ohm
    capacitor needs to be replaced thinking of a battery or a 30 farad capacitor


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    Re: Need installer

    Find someone on here local. I help around my town from time to time and to do all "assuming u helped" I would say $80 bucks or so.

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    Re: Need installer

    check PM

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    Re: Need installer

    Ditch the capacitor, It hurts your system more than it could ever help it. Get a battery.

    Also, you can do this yourself. Youtube it.

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