used to do installs with one of the owners of this company. Needless to say the guys a ****ing amatuer, if you close enough at all his install pic you can see small mistakes here and there. Before ever knowing how to install an alarm, advertises he knows how, goes to the install trying it out for the first time on a customers car. Later he dicides to outsource his alarm installs to someone else who gets a small cut, but this should have obviously been done in the first place. Worst of all was the night i worked with him on the 83' caravan install where the 2 ppi art amps are shown. Late that night as we're trying to finish up, his drill slips and punctures the woofer of the expensive mb quart components that were being installed. He insisted we glue up the hole in the surround and not tell the owner. After a bad fallout between the company owner (Sean) and I, i notified the caravan owner that Sean had damaged his equpiment and didnt tell him. Aside from Sean being a shady, he's also an ******* who likes to use people that work under him. Dont take your money and equpiment to this guy unless you want someone who doesnt know or care what he's doing. I mean i'm not the best installer int he world either, but this guy is decieving to his employees and customers.