After trying to put the Viper 791-XV alarm in myself but realizing it was a huge project, I stopped being cheap and went to look for an installer.

I live in Hollywood, so I was looking for a local place... went to a place called Rhodes Car Audio & Security in Hollywood, on 441 between Johnson Street and Taft Street.

My first impressions were bad, it was owned by an old man who was really slow and a jerk (I had a paper from a guy with the same car as mine, showed where all the wires were in my car... he told me "what's this stupid paper? we have our own, they're never accurate"). I ran a wire to the trunk from the dash when I replaced my carpet last week and he told me "your wire is probably crappy" which... it wasn't. Anyways, I needed an alarm and they installed it. Told me to come back at 5:30 PM the same day, I dropped it off around 1:30 PM.

I came back at 5:30 PM and some spanish guy who I guess was doing the install spoke half-english to me about how it took him all 4 hours to get it in right and that I'd be impressed. Impressed I was! He demonstrated remote start with flashing headlights, unlock, lock, trunk opening... everything went great. Very impressed with the service, charged me $170 for the install, EXACTLY what I paid for the alarm.

They install stereos and when I went there they tried to get me to buy stuff from them. I said I had something already, they said "really? play it..." so I did and their garage was shaking... They were impressed to say the least!