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Reload Thread: Fiberfill in a Ported Box for my H2?

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    Fiberfill in a Ported Box for my H2?

    Quick summary - built a box 2.5 cubes tuned to 30hz (14.5x2.5 port) for my Orion HCCA 12D. It had a warped voice coil so I just got an Orion H2. The same box would work nicely according to WinISD (and doesn't sound too too bad at all as is) but the H2 displaces a lot more air.

    .25 cubes more displacement for the Orion H2 vs the HCCA 12D according to Orions literature. I know it's not typical to stuff a ported box with polyfill but can it be done? If it just gets stuffed I presume it will end up finding it's way out the port. I read about using a cage or something to hold it in but also how that could induce noise. Any other ideas for me?

    I am not completely against building a new box but would at least like to buy myself some time until I do.

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    Re: Fiberfill in a Ported Box for my H2?

    The whole point of porting a box is to let the backwave escape. I believe, don't quote me on this, that you'll basically just kill off the back wave with fiberfill, and lose output.

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