I am in need of a competent box builder who can build a box *in car*.. I have a 1990 honda accord ex and I want to put my avalanche 18" in the trunk. Box needs to be 5^3 ported to 30 hz, facing the cabin and sealed off from the trunk.

I need to see previous work and talk to those who've had there boxes built by you. I DON'T need a box designed so please don't ask, I need a builder capable to doing this in the western washington area. (seattle, bellvue, tacoma, everett, ect) Don't pm me if your not in western washington *period*. I'm not driving to mexico, california or canada. (I've had people email me from those places lol)

I will be willing to pay any reasonable offer. If you feel like dynamating my trunk and mounting my kinetik 600 also I'd be willing to pay for that too (I have raammat for sound deadening)

Please contact me on aim under the same log in same *singlesubsetup* or email me at [email protected]