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    Box filling?

    Should i put anything in the sub box(sealed) before the sub such as insulation?


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    Re: Box filling?

    You mean polyfill?

    Depends on your sub and the airspace you have.

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    Re: Box filling?

    Why should the box be damped? First, a properly damped box will have a smoother response and respond better to transients. Second, by lining one or more walls of the box with a material that absorbs sound, the standing waves and sonic reflections inside the box are attenuated. Remember that one of the main purposes of a box is to prevent the sound which emanates from the back side of the driver with inverted polarity from interacting with the sound emanating from the front of the driver. Third, stuffing a box with a lot of absorption can make the box behave like a larger box. This trick has been used often with closed box designs to achieve a “bigger” sound from a smaller box.

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