can someone help me design a box?
after doing as much research i possibly could, i feel like its pretty simple design (compared to all the other boxes i've seen).
it'll be a sealed enclosure for 2 12" fosgate 2212s.

p.s. if they **** i'm gonna swap out for RE SX 12s or JL 12 w6v2. according to each of the company's sites the recommended volume is the same @ 1.25 ft3.

so it's going to be a rear firing, wedge type box (dodge magnum station wagon)
the angle of the back seat to the trunk floor is about 60 degrees. i have a total width of 39 inches. the mounting depth of the subs are about 7.5 inches.

this thread will help me determine if i wanna make this myself. if not maybe i can bring this info to my installer so it looks like i know what i'm talking about, and he doesnt try to rape me even harder.

thanx for your time and help.
if u need any specs on the speakers pm me on aim. chefboiyrlee