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Reload Thread: 2 Magnums Sealed HELP!

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    2 Magnums Sealed HELP!


    Im going to make a sealed and ported box for my magnums, but I have a question on the sealed box. I was going to make a 3.5ft^3 box and split it into 2 chambers with a piece of wood in the middle of the inside of the box so each magnum would have 1.75ft^3. I want to wire the magnums together to get a 2 ohm resistance, but I was thinking about the box and I was wondering how I am supposed to wire the 2 subs together if there is that piece of wood in the middle separating the 2 of them? Would I just make a small hole for the wires and stick them through and then caulk the hole to prevent air from getting through or wat? I'm confused, plz help


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    Re: 2 Magnums Sealed HELP!

    1. drill hole
    2. insert wires
    3. caulk hole
    4. let dry
    You shouldnt be confused since you answered your own question

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    Re: 2 Magnums Sealed HELP!

    u can run the wires out the box from each seperate enclosure, making re-wring it easy for convienance. if you ever need to play around or what not.
    that what i do anyway, saves taking out screws over n over again.
    if your not planning on playng around much then it doesnt really matter, do whatever u wanna do with it man but yes that is what you can do.

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