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    ported truck box

    ive been runnin sealed boxed every since ive been into car audio, now id like to try ported because i feel my shiva would perform better that way. right now its in a 1.5cuft sealed box. and id like to go 2.0cuft. im runnin it with 300wrms. first off, how hard would it be to build a ported truck box,(going into a single cab s-10), what would it need to be tuned to play rap/ rock well. and where is a good site for a good ported box building tutorial

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    Re: ported truck box

    building for a truck isn't that hard imo. just make the port through the top or side so you don't have to deal with port length on the sloped face. here is what i built last weekend for my truck:
    65.5"(width) x 16.5"(height) x 6.5"(top depth) x 8.5(bottom depth). port is 3" x 8" x 21.75". built with 3/4" wood
    i just used an online port calculator and trialed and errored until i got it where i wanted.(i think it was this one: )
    i'd stick between 30-35hz.
    pm me if you think i can be of any further assistance and i'll help as much as i can
    good luck

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    Re: ported truck box

    I just got done building a ported box for my single cab chevy silverado. I removed the center seat and worked from there. It's 2^3 tuned @ 33hz. I would say the ported box was a little harder compared to the sealed setup I used to have. The only tricky part really was getting the port drilled into the box, like pre-drilling the holes from top and bottom. It just took a lot of double checks on the measureing but turned out good. And I believe "George" made a ported box building tutorial. Jjust use the search function and type in "buliding ported boxes with george"

    and for daily driving I believe what soundstreamer said is correct. Anywhere from 30 to 35hz would be ok but check with adire for best results. Just email them and I'm sure they can help you out.

    if you wanna check out my box go to peace

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