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    Shiva Box Volume i searched and searched the forums for ported shiva boxes. All I keep reading is that they did a 3 cubic foot box with a tuning of 30 hz.

    Well, on Adire's site, i read somewhere that the sub is good in ported boxes anywhere from 80-180 Liters. Well, I calculated what 3 cubic feet is in Liters and i find that it is 71.7, falling almost 10 liters short of the info i found on the site. I am planning on building my own box and i need to knwo what size i should make the box, nayone have any suggestions?

    EDIT: I was just looking again on their 12 page pdf file and I found it said that it is great for boxes under 120 Liters. Now i have two sets of info, what am i to do?

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    Re: Shiva Box Volume

    Stuff that 71.7 L box full of polyfill. Win.

    Make a bigger box. Win.

    Make a sealed box. Win.

    Keep the size that small, power it more. Win.

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