Hi all, I need your help badly.

Im trying to design a sub box to fit in the rear of a holden (GM/Izusu) rodeo. Its a dual cab and theres no space between the rear seats and the rear wall of the car for a sub. I also dont want to loose the one of the seats to a sub enclosure or put it in the rear foot well.

Where i was thinking is under the seat but have the front that houses the sub is angled and the rest of the enclosure is under the rear seat. I would pretty much only expose the sub at the front of the enclosure and ensure its aiming towards the front of the vehicle. the dimensions im looking at is 12inches deep, 4 inches high and as wide as it needs to be. I hope the image below helps explain this.

The sub I was to use is a pioneer one that needs 22.6L for the enclosure size (not sure how big this is in cubic inches sorry (this is the link http://www.pioneeraus.com.au/car_ent...24d/index.html )

Will this enclosure work or any other ideas for the sub box?