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    box builders... super quick question...

    i am designing a box for a 12" SE...

    my box is 13.25 deep internal measurement

    the port length they want me to use is 27 inches

    the port width is 1.25

    so if i go straight back into the box do i "L" the
    port off to continue the length of the port?

    or do i have wind it like a maze???



    my setup
    2004 honda accord V6 EX / Nighthawk Black Pearl 2 door coupe
    premier 860 / eD 16Ov.2 / viper 1200.1 / 2.2^3 @ 30hz / stinger bullet interconnects

    girlfriends setup
    2004 pontiac sunfire / silver metallic / 2dr coupe
    eD e12o.44 / memphis 1000d / 1.6^3 sealed box

    here we are
    face to face
    same energy
    you and me
    dont want to be



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    Re: box builders... super quick question...

    supposedly the ported enclousures for the RE speakers are way off according to people on this site. There is a guy that will make you great plans for $10
    Don if i remember correctly. I actually have box plans for a 12" HC 2.5 cubes tuned to 32 if you want them i'll give em to you for free.

    starting over

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