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    Hey guys.

    Well I built my box yesterday. Came out pretty **** good. I left the top off so I could caulk it real good tonight. and I was thinking about adding bracing. Below is the box I built however, I don't think it took in account the bracing.

    so if I add this bracing it will take away some volume. Right now it's 4 cuft after port and sub displacement. So how much will the bracing take away? And what is the best way to brace it? I guess what I'm asking is what is the smallest brace I can use? I don't want to sacrifice that much space. Also, will screws hold the sub in place? Or should I get some type of brackets. I remember reading something about tnuts? Also, remember reading about bracing on the inside for the sub magnet to sit on. Any suggestion for that? or will screws do the job?

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    Re: Bracing

    as far as bracing goes, just use 1.5" diameter dowls for the bracing and it will minimize the ammount of volume you will loose. just 2 up and 2 across or 1 up and 1 across. my friend doesnt have any bracing besides the port that runs across the box and it does fine since the box is pretty much a cube. if your box is more rectangular and you have a real long side though i would suggest bracing since the longer a side is the more prone it is to flexing. your pic dont work so you will have to make that assumption. and for the screws, my friend 15" xxx is being held up fine with just 8 screws right through. you can if you want make make a mdf ring and put it on the inside and have the screws come from the outside through the holes for the sub and then into the mdf ring that you placed on the inside.

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